Matthijs Mali

ux architect, activator, pragmatic.

I love well designed products

I'm a Dutch UX architect. I love structuring information and designing experiences. Originally an IT networking guy, I am interested in the technological side of things. I do not fear the occasional coding or tinkering with hardware tools. I shine the brightest in coming with solutions. Fast. I have a strong underlying desire to help people.

I currently live in Apeldoorn. I do the occasional photography session, love visiting concerts, love traveling, walking and nature and listen to the whole spectrum of music This website is simple. I have been fiddling around with various CMS's but lost touch with the original way of building websites.

Over the years I've been traveling all over the world. I'm lucky to have visited all continents and hope to travel a lot more in the future.

Page updated on: 18 August 2022